1. Zaloog….I dare you.

  2. Robin Antin, my ass. This is Ben Whishaw reprising his role as Hugh Grant’s wife from the present-day storyline of Cloud Atlas.

  3. Although she looks kind of old and kind of a mess, at the end of the night after about 5 drinks, I think yes.

  4. sprub

    This is the face that launched a new way to use grocery bags.

  5. Are you sure it wasn’t the grand opening of Sausage Factory?

  6. my2cents

    I hate when he wears a jacket over his groinal area.

  7. andie

    God almighty, who’s behind these Sugar Factory photos, the ADA?

  8. She looks a lot better on her wikipedia page. She obviously got some surgery and fucked her face up. So sad.

  9. oh this is just pitiful. ack I say.

  10. If she were a horse they would throw up a curtain and euthanize her on the track.

  11. Thank you for introducing us to Nicole Scherzinger. You’ve done your job. You can go away now.

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