1. Pilin

    Those elephant love sausage fingers….

  2. As one Camilla was not enough, Prince Charles used the Replicator President Mahinda bought from the Star Trek auction to create a “spare’.

  3. CK

    Hope they have a good Sri Lankan version of “Stanley Steemer”.

  4. caley

    “No, your highness, give the banana to the elephants! The elephants!”

  5. fred

    Bananas. Camilla and Sara prefer bananas, old chum.

  6. Again with the big-eared mammals?

  7. “Could you get your wife to peel my banana?”

  8. father dougal

    Sri Lankan president my ass! That’s Peter Sellers in brownface. I saw that flick years ago.

  9. Prince Charles: I know my wife is ugly as a horse but after seeing these elephants, Is Sarah Jessica Parker available?

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