1. Tom Petty has a nice rack.

  2. BP

    Still Busty After All These Years…………

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    Lately has been running a lot of pictures of ’80′s hot chicks who still look good. This isn’t one of them

  4. JimBB

    And to think, her parents came *SO* close to aborting Patricia’s shriveled conjoined twin.

  5. capn obvious

    Fuck you all. She’s still a hot piece.

  6. Looks like it won’t be too long before someone’s been on both sides of the Pulp Fiction-style “dealing with overdose” experience.

  7. She used to be pretty hot.

  8. fred

    Wall, meet Rosanna. Rosanna, meet wall.

  9. Is Steven Tyler blonde now?

  10. Vladimir

    She looks pretty good for somebody who used to be Dude…Oh wait. That was another Arquette.

  11. martina

    You guys …. she still looks pretty damned good

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