1. Chaz

    Apparently they give these stars to just about anybody.

    • By anybody do you mean someone who is a top selling singer, and has an Oscar?

      • And you prove his point.
        Miley Cyrus is a top selling singer and is complete shit, and they give Oscars away now a days, completely meaningless.
        Grow up.

      • Yep, they are so fucking easy to get that’s why Tom Cruise has one, Will Smith has one, Matthew McConaghey has one, Jennifer Aniston has one, Brad Pitt has one, Robert Downey Jr. has one, etc etc, so fucking easy to get an Oscar, just giving them away.

      • Chaz

        No, by anybody I mean a 7th place finisher on American Idol.

      • So she’s gone on to win Grammys and an Oscar but you think she doesn’t deserve this star because in her early career she finished 7th on a shitty reality show whose winners typically fade away into nothingness?

        When I see David Archuletta get a star for nothing more than his American Idol work, maybe you’ll have a point.

      • No, I think he meant someone whose most well known song is a Weight Watcher’s jingle.

      • Chaz

        It’s a walk of fame. Her fame is limited at best. I had to look up who she was. It’s like putting Super Bowl winning quarterback Trent Dilfer in the NFL Hall of Fame. A couple accolades don’t merit membership or a star.

    • and Nobel Peace Prizes.

  2. JimBB

    They just give temporary ones to the black actors.

  3. Didn’t you used to have to sustain a career for more than 4 years to get a star in Hollywood for eternity?

  4. What did they name her star? Ashy McStomach Staple?

  5. Flatliner

    I suspect there are about four guys just off to the side who are waiting to pick her up so she doesn’t show off her own chocolate star with a doggy style pose.

  6. if they keep handing out stars at this rate, the “walk of fame” is going to stretch down into Mexico.

  7. Vladimir

    Watch THIS Weight, mutha fuckahs…

  8. Freebie

    Thought she had lost a lot of weight. Could those Weight Watcher ads be photoshopped?

  9. Actually, according to their recent policy changes, Jennifer Hudson had to buy 2 stars since she tops 240 pounds.

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