1. alex

    That is one skinny lady. The kick stand is almost as big as her leg.

  2. “I loved your work in Backdoor Teen Mom!”

  3. “She just followed me home. Can I keep her?”

  4. Mike

    Tim Robbins and Heidi Fleiss…
    Damn, that’s something new!

    • Mike

      I used to live in Pahrump, and I really did think that was Heidi at first.
      Actually, if you hosed Heidi off she’s probably prettier than this skank,
      just a little further down the road. Give this girl 2 years…

  5. JimBB

    Pretty sad day when you actually have to work at it to impress a hooker.

  6. “So you’re a teen mom…that is so interesting”

  7. Heidi Fleiss looks a lot better here than she does in her mugshots.

  8. I bet he’s asking himself right now why he stayed married to that old bag for the past 15 years

    • my2cents

      Get out, that girl is one fugly legged, big eared scrawny woman. Susan Sarandon is way hotter. There is a saying that goes “older men date younger women they wouldn’t have been caught dead with when they were young”. This is a prime example.

    • Just FYI, he wasn’t actually married to Susan Sarandon. They were longtime “partners”.

  9. Damn but that girl has some long stems.

    • Mike

      It’s where those stems connect that’s the problem.
      There aren’t enough antibiotics in the world
      to roll those dice… No thank you… loll

  10. Yes i have seen your tape, but no thanks.

  11. JW

    “Oh shit, it’s that squirting reality whore. I’ve got to get out of here.”

  12. Vlad

    You know you’re taking this “green” thing too far when you’re picking up hookers on a bicycle.

  13. richie

    …and seconds later he walked into the intersection…

  14. “I use to bang Susan Sarandon…Why are you laughing?”

  15. Stop being so mean. She’s an actress, you guys. Banging old guys with saggy balls is research for a part…of her future where she is a cocktail waitress at Excalibur banging old guys with saggy balls.

  16. journalschism

    “Just say you’re my daughter.”
    “Sure. Daddy, at what point do I get my allowance before Dwayne in that car over there beats the shit out of you.”

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