1. “Just a small time girl, living in a lonely (yet incredibly rich) world, she took the midnight (gold) train…”

  2. Cock Dr

    You can hang all the diamonds & sequins you want around them, but it’s still just a pair of aging freckled flapjacks.

  3. arnieblackblack

    I’d hit it

  4. That’s a lot of pearl necklaces. Her jewelry must be from the new Bukkake collection, by Zales.

  5. At what point did she look in a mirror and decide she had any hope of pulling off wearing a neckline like that?

    And I’m just going to say it…her titties look greasy

  6. Ugh

    I know that we’re supposed to hate Gweneth, but I still dig her. Probably more for the characters she plays… that whole acting thing has fucked with my mind…

  7. Ruth

    She looks fantastic.

  8. So, they give out awards now for starting forest fires and shooting deer? Sounds more like a Palin thing…

  9. squishy

    Bambi Award?? What Award show are they going to invent next!?!

    • TomFrank

      This award goes back 63 years. Maybe there’s a German out there who once said, ” ‘Grammy’? ‘Emmy’? Vat avard show are zey going to invent next? Unt they zound zo stupid.”

  10. GuyLeDouche

    Blythe Danner was shot by hunters?

  11. Venom

    So ashamed that I want to bang her.

  12. I trust that those are organic sequins.

  13. That dress is most likely made from emeralds excavated by samll foreign children

  14. Kat

    I hate this bitch.

  15. 15 mini matahari starving Indian children went blind to make that dress but it was well worth it.

  16. RtSS

    I’d hit that any day, and twice, no wait, three times on Sunday!

  17. noodle

    so that’s how they make beef jerky!

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