1. Cock Dr

    This should take everyone’s mind off forcible sodomy of children.

  2. I can’t stop staring a her big, voluptuous, milky-white teeth.

  3. DeucePickle

    Bra queen ?

  4. cc

    If Kate Beckinsale was less attractive by about 37% she’d look like this chick.

  5. TomFrank

    It looks like her breasts are right on top of her waist. Did she get her abdomen removed? No stomach, no way to eat—that must be the Holy Grail of modelling.

  6. Arzach

    Sorry I cannot make any remarks , I only see breasts

  7. Radadoon

    Anyone know the significance of the 8 9 54 – 5 8 51 tattoo in roman numerals on her arm? Parents birthdays? Winning lotto numbers?

  8. Mike Walker

    I’d like to foul her…

  9. Radadoon

    According to a tweet attributed to her – ” My tattoo is “VIII IX LIV · V VII LI” its important dates to me in Roman Numerals for those asking”… Uh, sorry but unless I am completely mistaken, the fifth number is in fact VIII, NOT VII, so it must not be that important if she doesn’t remember what number is tatted on her arm.

  10. Bra queen = fugly faces??? wtf

  11. Toxic Buddy



    Googled her and now know why she’s wearing that dress — ‘cuz she doesn’t look too awfully good naked.

  13. god, why do woman these days insist on looking so terrible. i was just looking at pictures of old hollywood stars. SO much better. i aspire to look like one of them!

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