1. adolf hitler

    would you fuck me? id fuck me…. id fuck a me lookalike.

  2. “Yeah yeah, send that pic to Kanye. Follow it up with: Spock’s cock. He’s gonna love it”

  3. “Ah, man. Dave’s gonna be late. Fuckin’ faggo…oh…sorry Zach.”

  4. I’m not Waldo, but I know where he is. He’s in my pants. Want to find him?

  5. Portinari

    Dumbasses…that’s Zachary Quinto’s brother Joe in that picture.

  6. DeucePickle

    His brother is Joe Jonas ?

  7. Jill_Ess

    Is he with a Jonas Brother?

  8. Rev. Leroy

    At 1st glance I really thought the one on the left was Tom Cruise

  9. cc

    Sure, give me your number, we’ll get together later and dry hump.

  10. Fig

    Don’t look. Don’t look….. Is he looking at me?

  11. Venom

    He really tries too hard with the whole gay hipster look.

  12. God is Black

    He’s giving that creepy Sylar look but the gay version. See he’s got a catch already, dude on the left.

  13. “That’s me…the third guy in the daisy chain…”

  14. I see he’s wearing his eye protection from accidental over spray.

  15. noodle

    “Hey Zachary, look at this dick picture. How does this dick look? I mean, you like dick right? Yeah, you like dick pictures because your gay. The whole world knows you’re gay now and that is important. You’re gay and like dick and that matters. America cares that you’re gay. I mean, it made the fucking news Zachary! So really, what about this dick picture?”

  16. That beanie and scarf is….illogical….in L.A.

  17. miainherr

    he looks like such a douche

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