1. I would imagine that’s what it’s like going down on Khloe Kardashian.

  2. Derek

    No Kesha that’s not a penis

  3. hmm…it turns out I COULD have less sexual interest in Ke$ha. Not now though, THIS is the bottom. Please god let this be the bottom.

  4. Brett Keisel gets all the hot chicks.

  5. Figure that

    Well…at least she won’t complain about pubic hair stuck in her teeth.

  6. Bonky

    Kesha really doesn’t understand what “hot” is, does she ?

  7. DeucePickle

    A good barometer to gauge a girl’s hotness in a picture is to take your thumb and forefinger and measure the width of her shoulder or bicep & then move your hand up to her head and measure that.
    If your fingers don’t move, it’s time to move on.

  8. cc

    By the looks of things, she was on her way to an 80s aerobics class.

  9. slippinx12

    You have it backwards, that poor guy got his face stuck in her mouth hair, now she’ll slowly digest him

  10. Winnie

    I totally think that’s the dude eating her out in that video that went viral last year. I reckognise that beard and pasty ginger complexion. Damn that girl has some taste.

  11. HumpinFrog

    It’s good to see the rare white, sloppy chimp is not opposed to a redhead meal. Who know?

  12. AnnaDraconida

    They were made for each other.

  13. whiskeyafternoon

    when will she start degrading herself for money?

  14. Venom

    At least she dates on her level, I have to give her credit for that.

  15. Ke$ha honey, the expression is “suck down a BEER.”

  16. Mhm

    So that’s what happened to Heidi and Spencer.

  17. farting old man's wife

    He did oral on her earlier, she is just nibbling out the crunchy pieces now!!

  18. It’s really rough when you can’t sell enough records to buy food.

  19. Little Tongue

    Ginger is soooo yummy…

  20. What’s the deal with that asshole having his hair in a bun? Does he think he’s a fucking librarian or something?

  21. Bocaburger

    Its I hope we never part Budnick. Now get it right or pay the price!

  22. So this is what the Amish kids do these days?

  23. Meh Mehington

    Wow. She really will put anything in her mouth, won’t she?

  24. Kisses4Katie

    And I thought this was where Heidi and Spencer disappeared to…

  25. sheldon

    Not the kind of hair pie she is used to.

  26. Hello

    Kesha looks so pretty and ethereal here.

  27. cagster

    Which one is Ke$ha?

  28. MisterSuccint

    “I don’t remember having Ke$ha soup for lunch.”

  29. Oh, yeah! You’re edgy, relevant, and sexy now, Ke$h.

  30. AnyName

    Am I wrong or this guy is guns’ guitarist Bumblefoot, ?
    What the hell this poser is doing by his side??

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