1. Listen I appreciate the Santa Claus thing, but can you make it a bit, hummm… how do I say this… Manlier?

  2. Bonky

    “I’m gonna let you finish the cat walk, but first I’m gonna talk to your titties.”

  3. Nice wedgie.

  4. “Would a gay fish look like this?”

  5. This is why I don’t want to go to New Zealand.

  6. Derek

    “Her chest is almost flat enough for me to pretend I’m with man”

  7. Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!

  8. Rev. Leroy

    Damnit girl, Jay-Z told me that was a one of a kind when he bought it for me…

  9. cc

    I’d marry the girl on the left, and kick the living shit out of the guy on the right.

  10. KW-Hater

    Hi, my name is Kanye West and I’m a useless fucking asshole, wanna fuck? Oh, I understand, I didn’t know you weren’t blind…

  11. TomFrank

    “Imma let you finish, but Tyra Banks had two of the best titties of all time!”

  12. Lord Invader

    ” Girl, I think your crotch is starting to hate black people a little bit.”

  13. eatme

    …dood looks like the fat black squirrel I saw in the park yesterday

  14. Radadoon

    This jerkwad and Chris Brown both need to just go away together because they deserve only each other. They would make a perfect couple!

  15. Looks like we know what his next album is gunna be about

  16. The infamous black microphone again.

  17. tlmck

    Gonna take a lot of Photoshopping to get that ugly black wart off her arm.

  18. “I’mma git this right this time…men has the hot dogs and women has the tacos. And the bumps on they chest…right? I think I got it. Now I’mma have to decide who I like best.”

  19. j/k

    green loepard print and palm trees

  20. cupcake

    Am i the only one whose gonna say it ? I love VS models but this one in particular has absolutely no ass.

  21. UJ

    I could knock her out with two punches.

  22. Do Freebird

    Wearing a strap-on no doubt.

  23. “Tho I owigionally design dis fo a beautiful black boody but all we had wath dis white girl”

  24. arnieblackblack

    The fat black squirrel I saw in the park looks like a dood I saw on The Superficial

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