1. GLT

    “There can be only… agh… erk…” THUD

    Huh. Guess there’s none.

  2. Matty

    Never realized he was NPH’s dad

  3. It’s staring to look like maybe the Kurgan should have won.

  4. Immortals live forever. Raisins keep forever. Same thing?

  5. B&WMinstrel

    Vivement Dimanche is French for ‘Won’t live till Sunday’

  6. Bionic_Crouton

    From Greystoke to gray stroke.

  7. Eat your heart out, Bruce Jenner.

  8. Lou Braccant

    “so zen, Kevin Pollack says ‘it’z time for ze Larry King game’…so I juz make face like zis!”

  9. justin

    Christopher Lambert was ted danson for halloween

  10. Timothy

    Not bad for a 494-year old.

  11. Keith Olbermann is so blackballed from American TV now that he had to go to Paris to find work.

  12. He almost let slip his secret identity: “The Forehead of Steel.”

  13. tlmck

    Wasn’t he in “Young Frankenstein”?

  14. cc

    He looks better on the show ‘Hung’.

  15. EricLr

    The Kurgan just sent him a text saying “Uh, you know what…just keep the head.”

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