1. it had to be said

    I wonder how often Dicksick tells Kourtney how happy he is that she’s not Kim. I’m guessing at least three times a day.

  2. No, I wanted to play Duck Duck Goose. You send me Yuck Truck Douche.

  3. The Pope

    Judging by Kim’s smile, and her left hand, she really likes the black guy walking next to her.

  4. Sheppy

    awww, they all look so happy :)

  5. Cock Dr

    Still draped in the many hides of her victims.

  6. I really like girls in leather. But if KK keeps this up there’ll be none left for anyone else.

  7. Ismoss

    Again how many times has she worn those freaking pants

  8. Sparky

    best thing about this pic? kanye’s carrying the bag.

  9. FUPA netting is hot in Miami now.

  10. What a shame…apparently Kanye, the designated purse/shit-schlepper, got cropped out of the photo. Poor baby!
    “Boy, you run along and get that stuff all put away. Run along, now!”

  11. cc

    The dust jacket of my new book ‘Why America Needs Saving’.

  12. I’m going to steer away from my usual Kim bashing for just a moment to make an observation (Don’t worry, it’s just for this post).

    Kourtney is a much, MUCH prettier girl than Kim. She is much, MUCH smarter (only girl with a college degree in the family). She is also much, MUCH skinner, and has much, MUCH more personality.

    So why is Kim more famous?
    Answer: Sex tape.

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