1. SIN

    OMG!!! I can really see them that way. Both old and don’t give a shit about what people say about them.

  2. Cock Dr

    He was better dressed as a nun.

  3. Johnny P!

    Harrison: “I’m kinda tired… should we go to this party?”
    Calista: “We hate to make an appearance… we just won’t stay late.”
    Harrison **grumbling** “Ok, but I’m not wearing a costume or anything.I’m not even changing my clothes.”
    Calista: “Me neither. We’ll just show up, say out Hellos, and leave”.

    • Allison Wunderlan

      That would have been hilarious if you had checked your spelling.

      • Screw you all. I found Allison’s comment funnier than all that above.

      • catapostrophe

        Agreed. It’s not fun nor funny to have to negotiate all the meaning-changing spelling mistakes in this or any other comment.

        “We HATE to make an appearance?” Then I don’t get whey they bothered to show … OH! That’s supposed to be HAVE!

        “Say OUT hellos?” Well, I guess it beats saying IN hellos … OH! That’s supposed to be OUR!

      • Johnny P!

        Just re-reading my post and surprised at the comments.
        A Mea Culpa for the typos!
        I’ve seen many of them on here… sometimes posters catch them right away and correct them in a follow-up post, or sometimes they get ignored. Even Fish and Photoboy are not immune to some misspelling and bad grammar, but when pointed out they can fix them (we can’t).
        I certainly don’t appoint myself as ‘the Grammar Police” for other people’s posts.
        As the cops say on the endless TV crime serials: “Move along folks… nothing to see here!”

      • I’m going to be blunt here. It was more than just tripping over the typos that made me say what I said up there. Sorry, Johnny—but I just don’t generally find your dialogue humor all that funny.

      • Johnny P!

        Then don’t read it, Tom Frank.
        Whoo-hoo! Problem solved!

      • BillEBuoy

        We know what was meant.

    • Bionic_Crouton

      Still made me laugh.

  4. will

    They never have enough likker at these parties.

  5. BP

    Joe Paterno never looked better!

  6. Funny that Ford actually looks younger here. And who’s that little boy he’s with?

  7. This might be my favourite so far!

  8. martian

    this one is great, they seems to be amused too!
    (in general I need explanation about halloween and carnival, are they the same thing in the USA?).

  9. martian

    and it was a b.y.o.b. party!

  10. Han Solo. Indiana Jones. Jack Ryan. Dr. Richard Kimble.

    “Timmy the bedraggled septuagenarian” might not make the resumé.

  11. Ruckus

    They both dressed as Woody Allen?

  12. Ismoss

    Indiana Old and the Skeleton Queen.

  13. Dr. cocksider

    Mr. Fredickson.

  14. Well, they got my parents half-right.

  15. I like this one. They’re so comfortable with each other.

  16. Awww, Woody and Mia patched things up. Doesn’t quite make up for her stealing André Previn away from Dory, though. (Look it up, kids.)

  17. Reminds me of Halloween 1970 when I went trick-or-treating with a shot glass and a beer mug. A few people were assholes, but a few were also very cool. I ended up at a great party! True story…

  18. cc

    Calista is staggering under the weight of those frames.

  19. EricLr

    God, please don’t put him in the new Star Wars movies. I can deal with Jar Jar. I can deal with Luke screaming “Noooo!” like a girl. I can even deal with Greedo firing first.

    But I can’t deal with a 70-year-old Han Solo loitering around in his Depends telling everyone in earshot about how he used to be a hero back in the Rebellion.

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