1. Later

    Nice teeth.

  2. Did she just leave a bukake party?

  3. “Look at me! I’m a Naval.”

  4. Joe

    That’s so punk rock.

  5. Worst Shannon Doherty costume ever.

  6. Two hours later Chad will be swabbing her poop deck.

  7. cc

    Wow, talk about putting your heart into Hallowe’en…she gave herself scurvy.

  8. Happy_Evil_Dude

    I’m gonna say….Jennifer Love Hewitt who enrolled in the navy because maybe one of those sailors is willing to chose between three rings?

  9. Alexxx

    Release the KRAKEN!

  10. Deryk Whibley did it better.

  11. I think she’s really cute.

  12. Kind of overdid it with the vanishing makeup, didn’t she? Maybe she was trying to be the “Invisible Woman.”

    PS: Nice hooters!

  13. EricLr

    On the good ship, crappy pop…

  14. Pine Table Fever

    She make some of the most wretched music on the planet and be shacked up with what can only be described as a war criminal, but, I think she’s cute as all hell.

  15. I'll get my coat

    Hey ! She went as the Lohan ! Nicework

  16. katie

    Her teeth are the most punk thing about her- at least they look natural! I hate her, but I like her teeth.

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