1. it had to be said

    USA! USA!

  2. Hey, it’s Elmo.

  3. Hey baby, I was once an extra on “Saved by the Bell.”

    -OK, sure I’ll suck your cock.

  4. From the neck up she looks like Coco.

  5. Urvag

    Interesting…Elmo is straight?

  6. B&WMinstrel

    Oh yeah. But you just answer the door to one kid in your underwear and it’s a big fucking deal.

  7. zomgbie

    a star is born.

    or 2.

    2 stars r born.

  8. Really, Sgt. Schulz? Your StarTracker app for iPhone is way cooler than this?

  9. cc

    What’s better…the tits or the fact she’s not wearing a Che Guevara shirt?

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