1. Swearin

    See? Michael Jackson’s spirit really does linger on, and it’s living inside a young white boy. Win/win, IMO.

  2. TomFrank

    “Am I doing it right? I don’t seem to be grabbing as much as Chris Brown does.”

  3. Satan's bitch

    Another prostate exam. Remember when singers just came out and sang their songs, maybe a little hip shakin’? Sheesh.

  4. DogBoy

    Usher practice.

  5. Somewhere, Barney is crouching in the fetal position missing some of his skin… He’ll never be the same…

  6. Perplexity

    quick check – damn, still vagina.

  7. Slutmuffin

    Tampons can be so uncomfortable

  8. Chris Brown’s gaydar signal reached its intended recipient.

  9. whiskeyafternoon

    the doctors tell me this is where my man parts will grow.

  10. Bonky

    Seen here is Justin Bieber using the “Vulva Grab”, which was taught to him by R&B “twink” Usher.

  11. gumption

    this ugly little lesbian needs to just stop humiliating herself.

  12. cc

    He looks a kid dressed up as Duran Duran for Hallowe’en.

  13. everyone’s got crabs!

  14. thelightman

    I am my own pedophile!

  15. rantatonne

    His Balls just dropped. Not pictured : Usher calling his agent and saying, “Next”

  16. ELMO


  17. Coyote

    Wow, he is even smaller than Chris Brown

  18. Weaselmouse

    To have child pornography on your computer, even as an accident, is a federal crime. Does this count?

  19. frcrkr

    Crotch Grab = Pants on the Ground = Dumbassery.

  20. Mwaddams

    Douchebag checklist: leather jacket, leather jacket white armed sunglasses, head mike, hair just so, crotch grab… This weenie is more Madonna than gaga.

  21. Is everyone covering Rhianna songs now?

  22. bewbs

    aaah bieber fever. hes just so cute.

  23. Buddy the Elf

    Vanilla Usher Jackson performs live.

  24. CranAppleSnapple

    He’s just grabbing his woobie for comfort. Hasn’t been weened off it yet.

  25. If he is molesting a minor, namely himself, can he be arrested?

  26. dontlooknow

    He should pay more attention to Chris Brown…you’re doing it WRONG!!!

  27. There we go again. Do people know how to “sing” without grabbing their crotches anymore?

  28. Nanook

    funny and true story: this first time I heard Justin Bieber sing I was sitting in my car waiting for someone, so I turned on the radio and “One Less Longely Girl” was playing. I remember thinking: “Wow, this is a shit song, but at least we’ve reached that point in society where LGBT stuff has entered main stream pop music.” and I have to admit I was kinda proud of being Canadian. And then the song ended, and they said it was this kid “Justin Bieber” – so my train of thought went as follows:
    1) wow, this whole naming girls with boys names fad has really gotten out of hand
    2)wait a minute…
    3)Holy crap, that was a GUY?
    4)Holy crap he’s Canadian? But we’re just getting over the humiliation of Bryan Adams and Shania Twain!!!

    Then I contemplated immigration.

    True story (except the last line).
    Thank you for your attention.

  29. sheldon

    This is my weapon…
    this is my…wait, what…
    I don’t know what this is.

  30. This is my weenie
    that was my bum
    both are for Usher
    when he wants fun

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