1. richie

    tiss…she wouldn’t be so Cole if she just buttoned her shirt or sumpthin!

  2. EricLr

    Can my third wish be for another 3 wishes?

  3. vandinz

    Her pants are that baggy to accommodate her massive cunt.

  4. Johnny P!

    Bolt-on-tit lip-syncher.
    That’s a new one!

  5. Cock Dr

    They look so natural.

  6. CK

    DId her bush just fall off?

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Cheryl doing her best Janet Jackson impression

  8. Contusion

    It’s like Hammer time with breasts.

  9. those tits look like they hurt.

  10. fragmental

    Gotta say, I’m impressed by the sheer gusto with which this woman attacks vajazzling.

  11. Lala Land

    Who is Cheryl Col… Wait. Who cares? Booooooobs!!!

  12. I can see the light coming from your vagina!

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