1. Why would anyone let a woman wearing those shoes valet park their car?

  2. Emma Watson's Vagina

    She has a twisted hairstyle in on her head,
    the Charmed fans are her ruling lead.

    Great goddess McGowan, return to beauty again,
    cum at my call and show thyself to men,
    sheperd of perverts, upon the wild hair way,
    lead thy lost fools from darkness unto day.

    the Horned haired one is our naughty deity,
    yet modern times would from her presence flee.

    Forgotten are the ways of coke and night,
    men seek for them, whose eyes have lost the sight,
    open the door, the door that hath no key,
    the door of wetdreams, wereby men cum over thee.

    Sheperd of perverts, O answer unto me!
    The restraining orders is where we shall meet thee.

    To invoke thee…
    The Horned hair Goddess

  3. Look at those fucking legs, man. CockDr, what do you make of the shoes?

  4. EricLr

    The sunglasses hide my tears!

  5. Wow. Her hair moves much more than her face ever does.

  6. Johnny P!

    Always remember to duck to get the antlers in when getting into a car.

  7. Hmmm… hair gonna get caught in the door, monster high heels so tall her knees are hitting the dash, seat pushed so close to steering wheel it’s impossible to actually steer – I have no idea why this woman got into a horrific car accident a while ago.

  8. Happy_Evil_Dude

    I f-ed Robert Rodriguez and all I got was this lousy career…

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Her hair looks nice and she’s got great legs. That’s all I got.

  10. She’s still got a dynamite body, nice hair, and her face is tolerable. If y’all don’t want her, drop her off at my place. We can play Strip Twister.

  11. Put It In

    Does she hotbox her farts in that?

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