1. “That carrot slice looks sooooo good!”

  2. “Tom always made this face when The ‘Hoff wasn’t wearing a shirt on Baywatch.”

  3. Blah,blah, blah, black microphone joke, blah, blah.

  4. Kojak

    “I love to lick my fake lips…”

  5. Watch Nicole crack a smile. No, really, she has to crack her frozen face in order to smile.

  6. Josie

    maybe she thinks the microphone is ice cream?

  7. CK

    “Hey Nicole! How did his urine taste?”

  8. cc

    Well, flexible porcelain…thank you NASA!

  9. Later

    I’m sorry i just had botox, canĀ“t fell my lips…

  10. ridesbuttons

    Just checking to see if my face is still there

  11. Mandope

    Oy this dick makes my fillings go wacky mate

    Nichole I told you that is a mic.. ya freak

  12. Chickenhawk

    Don’t know what the question was, but I like her response…

  13. Her and Cher now have more than the plastic surgery in common.

  14. Skeeter

    She’s looking at that Natalie Portman picture.


    One ringy dingy….

  16. As I get older, I seem to visit The Superficial more frequently. And every once in a while I pray to whoever/whatever is out there that stupidity isn’t contagious nor hereditary. Whew…

  17. Lala Land

    And every time I made this face, Tom would hurry out of our bedroom.

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