1. Cadillac Jack

    By proxy of comparison, Mickey looks pretty good!

  2. Deacon Jones

    That’s that fucker who was with Arnold a couple weeks ago, who the hell is this dude?

  3. Tiger

    That’s a great Fred Flintstone mask. Oh no, are they making another Flintstones movie???

  4. Damn. It’s getting to be very slim pickins down at the Goodwill.

  5. EricLr

    A bandage to cover the track marks? BRILLIANT!!

  6. TooCoo

    Which one is Mickey Rourke? Seriously, I can’t tell?

  7. Johnny P!

    I actually thought that was Gerard Depardieu at first.

  8. Jade

    Once he figures out how to dye his skin green, the transformation will be complete.

  9. meeps!

    So the live action “Shrek 2″ is for real…?

  10. Barney Flintstone and Keef Rubble.

  11. “Yo, I heard you hooked up Arnold with a few hot maids. Help another brother out?”

  12. Cock Dr

    I never saw Rourke as the argyle wearing type. Weird.

  13. “Hey Bob, I’m still cool right?”
    “Ya, Mick! Ya, you are!”
    “The kids dig argyle and tranny wigs, right”
    “Ya, Mick! Ya, they do! Yer the tops, big daddy. The tops!”

  14. Instant Koala

    The argument why getting a tattoo at 25 will make you look like an idiot at 60. The golf sweater is an extra nice touch.

  15. Swearin

    Charlie Brown and Linus took a very wrong turn in their lives

  16. Jesus. Are they making a sequel to Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man?

  17. cc

    Heroine chic is even less attractive than you thought…

  18. well Rourke is his usual mess, wonder where he picked up the the dead leprechaun?

  19. ridesbuttons

    Hey, Gerard Depardieu got a haircut!

  20. zomgbie

    dont tell mickey but-
    thats NOT ronnie wood.

  21. Mandope

    you know they’re banging right?

  22. what fucking planet is this?!

    • bigalkie

      The same planet that has fat black midget Celo Geen ” singing ” the start of ThursdayNight Football. 1/9 that changes soon.

  23. icu

    Archie and Jughead-The Gutter Years

  24. Bigalkie

    After thirty consecutive ” piece of shit ” flops, Brian Glazer falls back on his bodyguarding skills.

  25. I was hoping they’d make another live action Archie comics movie.

  26. Bionic_Crouton

    Somewhere Scott Disick is waking up wondering where his sweater vest and meth went.

  27. mbcl

    Opie & Anthony ?

  28. Andrian Zmed has really let himself go.

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