1. Deacon Jones

    “So…..Robbie…. About those two crushed Vicodins you snorted off my penis last night. Nothing’s for free, baby.”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Disick looks like less of a douche than another person in a pic?

    Those damn Mayans!

  3. Assholes in stereo.

  4. EricLr

    Lamest detective duo ever.

  5. YoMamma

    Scott looks like the villan from every 80′s movies ever made.

  6. Rob looks about as badass as Justin Bieber does. Nice gang attire, dipshit.

  7. YAAR

    Ah…a good ol’ fashioned douche-off. Nice to see some traditions never die.

  8. Mr. Poop

    Does he shave his chest and legs or is he incapable of growing hair there?

  9. Johnny P!

    Not a Hamm in sight.

  10. quix

    I know I’m the minority here, but I actually like Scott. He would be fun to hang out with. I mean, save for the pissing in trash cans
    thing, he’s pretty hysterical.

    • Nope, in spite of myself, I agree. He’s a caricature of himself, and if I was Kourtney I’d kill him in my sleep. But yes, I’d love to hang out with him, just once. I find him hilarious and he’s the only one on the show that calls the K-trash’s on their bullshit, and I love that.

      But damn Kourtney, he’s the guy you fuck one night, not the guy you have kids with.

  11. The Simp and the Gimp.

  12. Crissy

    Douche and Douchier…

  13. catapostrophe

    The tattoo on his leg, roughly translated, means “shit piece”.

  14. “Hey man, is that the chick we date-raped the other night?”
    “Shut up, man. Shut up! Don’t look at her and keep walking. If we’re late Dean Filmore will never let us back on the rugby team”.

  15. Instant Koala

    Remember the Odd Couple? This is the weird, creepy odd couple.

  16. Where’s amanda bynes driving recklessly when you really need her?

  17. Jman

    To get your Dad’s face tattooed on your forearm shows a real dedication to family along with the other 20 tats surrounding it.

  18. Bonky

    “Did you hear that Scott? I think he said we look like a couple of Disicks. What does that mean ?”

  19. Happy_Evil_Dude

    “She’s following us Scott!!!!”
    “Don’t worry Robbie, just keep walking. There’s many things your mom will do in front of a camera, but not murder. Once we’re at the airport, homefree baby!”

  20. cc

    My comment about there not being a God earlier? Look at the pic above and tell me I’m not right.

  21. now there’s a pair to draw to. said no one.

  22. ridesbuttons

    Anybody else think that Scott Disick is played by Joaquin Phoenix and all of this is some elaborate hoax being filmed by Casey Affleck?

  23. Mandimi

    What is that thing on Scott’s leg?

  24. I’d ask, “What the fuck is wrong with these two?” but one, honestly I don’t care, and two, what would I do with that knowledge?

  25. Bigalkie

    Matthew Poncelet from Dead Man Walking lures the paperboy back to his place.

  26. If the Taliban just showed this picture to all of the American troops the war would be over because our guys would all surrender.

  27. Walking in a backward slant like that reminds me of “Mr. Goodbar says (and he’s not shittin’) KEEP ON TRUCKIN’!!!”

    • Unfortunately (for them) it also reminds me of Zippy the Pinhead.


  28. Ugh, Rob. Honestly, I like Scott, he’s a huge douche but he recognizes it. And at least Scott tries to pretend he’s working. Rob is a little pussy who can’t even be successful in something that is literally handed to him. He was at USC wanting to be a lawyer when the show started…look at him now. Granted, he probably wouldn’t have done it, but that show ruined him.

  29. Y’know Rob, I used your sister as a human toilet.

    “Which one?”

  30. Wonder Douche Powers…Activate!

  31. sooruff

    I think a proctologist is needed to find the real a’hole.

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