1. SIN

    Kid is a Kartrashian. Coping a feel in public.

  2. Mike

    Uncle Kanye taught me good

  3. YoMamma

    I bet he’s pissing on her too…

  4. EricLr

    That Mason has really grown.

  5. Mr. Poop

    Mason going for the titty squeeze

    Atta boy!

  6. NattyIce

    “What the hell do you mean your name isn’t Penelope? Didn’t the director point at you when he told me to pick up Penelope for the cameras?”

  7. Instant Koala

    As if those kids weren’t damaged enough already…

  8. “These are warmer than Mommy’s. These feel piss warm.”

  9. For the kids sake I hope retardation can’t be caught through casual contact!

  10. Johnny P!

    Little boy: “What’s that big soft bump I’m touching?”
    Little girl: “I dunno, but I ain’t going there! I just have a sudden need for Purell on my hands ASAP!”

  11. MamaBee

    is it me, or does that little girl look like kim?

  12. Cock Dr


  13. The kid has crossed the Mason Disick line.

  14. Colin

    “I’ll show that Angelina…”

  15. Oz Matters

    I’m going to assume there are another 3 more kids being held by her arse cheeks.

  16. Queef Sister

    Neither of these kids are potty trained and Kim is OK with that.

  17. FYI, for the last week and a half, I did not miss this piss-hound – not even one little bit.


  18. tlmck

    Kim has child bearing hips.

  19. To hell already with this goddamn vapid celebrity fad of adopting ethnic childr-oh wait.

  20. your mom

    Oh my god! She’s stealing Beyonce’s baby! Someone stop her!!!

  21. sooruff

    damn, he is better than David Blaine. The hat makes it works.

  22. spartacus


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