1. Once again. Another starlet putting Jessica Simpson to shame. Looks like she still has her pregnancy tits. Delicious.

  2. Looks like she joins Nicole Richie as evidence that some women’s bodies actually improve after childbirth.

    (P.S. Jessica Simpson is NOT evidence of this)

  3. Frenchgal

    She had a nice face, nice butt now she had those lovely tits as well. Perfection :)

  4. Wish-Guys-Could-Push-Out-Watermelons

    Funny…all dudes commenting (frenchgal is a fat, old guy with saggy balls) I gave birth, my body looks the same as before. Lucky? Hardly, I’m just young and take care of myself. FUCK off you judgmental fat dudes with no life that haven’t even gone through birth. Unless you’ve done it, then you’ve earned the right to bitch at others. Go jack off to your slutty mags since you’re obviously not ‘dad’ material.

    • Fat Dude

      So you were 300 lbs before AND after giving birth, huh? Kudos for consistency.

    • “Unless you’ve done it, then you’ve earned the right to bitch at others.” By your own line of reasoning since you have never been ‘dad’ material, or a guy, or a fat guy hacking off, then you have not earned the right to bitch at others about them.
      The ‘if you’ve never done x you cannot speak about x’ is a futile line of reasoning. Since the only thing you’ve really done is be you, so you would not be able to talk about anything anyone else does.

    • “Hah! Paris Hilton is a skank, Kim Kardashian porno slut, Lindsay Lohan clepto drunken mess…DON”T YOU EVER MAKE FUN OF A PREGNANT WOMAN THOUGH YOUR FAT AND LIVE IN YOUR MOTHERS BASEMENT I”M GORGEOUS”

      Did I get all that?

    • Joey

      Could anyone tell you were pregnant?

    • Bonky

      “Go jack off to your slutty mags since you’re obviously not ‘dad’ material.”

      Who the hell jacks off to magazines anymore ? This is the 21st century baby, we’re jackin off to HD full screen video, in 3D !

    • Dereleek

      Someone takes a celebrity gossip site a bit to seriously

  5. EricLr

    Woooo, check out that *sweet* ’78 El Camino!

  6. lily

    effortlessly gorgeous

  7. A thing of beauty .. until she talks.;)

  8. catapostrophe

    She is physically unable to box with God.

  9. El Jefe

    Dammit I still love her. She looks awesome.

  10. Menudo Starr

    She looks so yummy in this photo.

  11. The Pope

    So I take it John Hamm’s penis is in Austin too?

  12. Pine Table Fever

    That is exactly the same face I made when I saw this photo.

  13. Happy_Evil_Dude

    “You’re not cutting those puppies out Terry!” thought Natalie that morning as she stuffed her bra, knowing Terrence Malick’s habit of editing actors out of his movies.

  14. slinky

    I would fuck her until she couldnt stand

  15. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Girl is fine!

  16. weaselmouse

    Those boobs are not for real.

  17. That’s her reaction to seeing John Hamm’s penis.

  18. See Alice

    Who is she ?

  19. So, I go away for a week and a half, and this is the crap I missed? Cool.

  20. Mama Pinkus

    I’m calling BS on the boobs……sure, being preggers makes ‘em bigger – along with the rest of you. I’m guessing this is a made-for-movie-roll chest

  21. Jessica Simpson could eat Natalie Portman as a snack.

  22. Her body hasn’t looked this good since The Professional.


    Three Invisible Dicks: With a Vengeance

  24. That really is an excellent picture of Natalie. And I agree with most of the reasonable, logical, and intelligent people who have posted here that her hooters are currently milk duds, hence the marvelous size increase. No Tupperware to be found. Yummmmmm…

  25. Elf

    Judging by the comments to this photo, the milk shake truly does bring all the boys to the yard

  26. I’ve been a longtime defender of natural boobless beauty, but I must now shut my fucking mouth under the menacing stare of my boner.
    Mother. Fucking. Perfect.

  27. Timmy Toot-toot

    “Oooh, that was a wet one…”

  28. anonym

    looking milfy.

    i see she kept her tits. much better.

  29. Martina

    She’s hot, she can ride me anytime.

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