1. My goodness, time has not been kind to this woman.

  2. She looks like a work of art…….by Picasso.

  3. Spleen

    All that plastic surgery and she still has a hockey player’s nose? She should demand a refund.

  4. The should’ve cast her for the lead role for “V”

  5. JimBB

    I would bang the Alzheimer’s out of her.

  6. fred

    Nice going asshole. Back to back pics of whatever that was in the last one and this train wreck. The next one better be good looking or you are fired.

  7. Just_As_it_IS

    She should change to Melan-oma Griffith

  8. I would invite her to a mother-daughter threesome also, but I would not give her the same address that I gave to Dakota.

  9. This is why Antonio Banderas spends most of his time in Spain.

  10. That photo of Donatella is looking pretty damn good now that I’ve had time to reconsider….

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