1. JimBB

    Fame whore training requires the utmost commitment!!

    Yes, sensei!

    The fame whore NEVER passes up an opportunity to be photographed!!

    Yes, sensei!

    The fame whore will stoop to ANY indignity for even the slightest taste of fame!!

    Yes, sensei!

    And how far is the fame whore willing to go??

    I’ll suck Andy Dick’s dick, sensei!

  2. “Yeahhh, so I’m going to need you to drop your daughter off at my house this weekend, mm’kay?”

  3. and my threesome fantasy is back online.

  4. Yeah, this would pretty much be one of the better mother-daughter threesomes out there.

  5. I’ll take the both of them.

  6. Falstaff

    Is it still Rainey? I hadn’t noticed.

  7. Rainey must be German for Roxanne. She’s obviously the unrequited love of Cyrano de Bergerac to her right. Holy shit that’s a schnozz.

  8. She looks humble.

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