1. Ponch, indeed.

  2. Keep trying, Ponch, but the truth is CHiPs sucked the first time around.

  3. JimBB


  4. Erik costume dressed as his only relevant role.

    The equivalent female costume would be Kim Kardashian covered in urine and sucking feces off some nameless rapper’s diseased penis.

  5. Dox

    “My bad, thought this was where the pride week parade started.”

  6. Rebooted under the title “Too Many CHiPs”.

  7. Special Ed CHiPs

  8. Because the original CHiPS was good but lacked the homoerotic subtext to make it great.

  9. Just a few more seconds and Erik’s’ trachea will be closed off.

  10. Schadenfreude

    Please let the CHiPs fall where they may!

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