1. Menstrual cramps are the worst.

  2. Dreadful being the key word here.

  3. sc4play

    Whoa, cowboy! Just where are you headed with that hot water bottle??

  4. Ye old enema bag.

  5. JimBB

    “We need a script. Just pick one from the bottom of the pile.”

    “Well, I’ve got this one from the plenty dreadful pile. But it doesn’t have a title.”

  6. I just watched 30 Days of Night and wondered if he was still alive these days….and here he is.

  7. Director: “Lose the douche bag!”
    Josh: “…but I really need this job.”

  8. journalschism

    Not many people know the true origins of the Whoopee Cushion. The trajectory of Josh’s career has enabled us to find out.

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