1. At least the kids won’t have to worry about her eating their candy.

  2. The one in the Snow White get up is Peter Dinklage.

  3. JimBB

    Tail as old as time
    Face as old as rhyme
    Beauties and the beast…

  4. “Let’s watch the white people dress up for Halloween.”

  5. Dox

    Beauty school dropout….. go back to high school….

  6. At least little snow white is expressing some small amount reservation about becoming a fame whore.

  7. fred

    “Look who is coming into the party kids. It’s Bozo the Hooker Meth Head Tranny Clown!”

  8. Two Erik Estrada pics in one day?

  9. “Come on, you little bitches. Find me a cute single guy. My show’s going down the shitter and I need a new sugar daddy to divorce.”

  10. “Stick with me, girls. Helping other anorexics not ingest calories made me a fortune, and I can help give you the same beneficial body dysmorphia and get rid of that overrated self-respect.”

  11. It’s understandable she’s distracted. The people in the ferries found the detonators thirteen minutes ago.

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