1. JimBB

    I wonder which parts of her face are on Daylight Savings time.

  2. Dox

    Ah yes. The freshly punched in the face look.

  3. She looks more and more like her brother every day.

  4. waynemoores

    The crazy part is…she looks better than previous pics. Mike Holmes must have seen and said “tear it all down” and had his crew do a reno.

  5. fred

    Was she a boxer for 30 years, but didn’t tell anyone?

  6. GaGa’s real mother.

  7. That Muppets reboot really put her back in the spotlight, didn’t it?

  8. Never go out just after being tested in a centrifuge. Wait a few hours first.

  9. tito

    dr teeth and the electric mayhem reunion.

  10. brian

    She looks like one of those neanderthals from the museum, snuck into Gaga’s closet, and walked out wearing whatever she could carry.

  11. Just_As_it_IS

    Same smile as the one in the background

  12. Every time I see her photos, I find myself involuntarily struggling to breathe through my nose.

  13. how can you be that wealthy and look like that? Is she ever going to consult a plastic surgeon? I cant stand looking at her. Harsh, but it is the truth.

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