1. Here, this should get you a new clock to hang around your neck.

  2. That’s not a homeless man, that is Flava Flav, oh…

  3. “Can you give me a receipt for that? It’s a business expense.”

  4. Homeless Guy: “Hey, lady, can you spare some change?”

    Kris Jenner: “What? I earned my money.”

    Homeless Guy: “If you call pimping out your daughter having sex on camera, making a national spectacle of your family’s vacuous existence on TV, and contriving fake marriages and divorces and holidays to get ratings ‘earning.’”

    Kris Jenner: “Here’s a 20.”

  5. “$20 it is! Come to the house. I’ll let you in and introduce you to Kendall. When you’re doing it, just make sure you don’t get between her face and the camera.”

  6. Inner Retard

    Once the paparazzi left a black SUV appeared, two thugs got out and beat the guy sensless until he gave back the money with interest.

  7. JimBB

    One person in this picture still has some dignity left.

  8. Dox

    Marketing Campaign 4: “See I do have a soul.”

  9. Jade

    “Oh look, there’s a camera! I’ll try to look like a decent person!”

  10. If you look a bit closer at the picture, the 20 looks Photoshopped. No, really – check it out. The bitch is a fucking fraud.

  11. ianb

    Flava Flav!!!!!!!

  12. Damn it! All the Flava Flav jokes have been taken already.

  13. Ambiguous photo. Is she giving or taking the money?

  14. Thank god there was a photographer around to capture this moment for posterity. What are the odds?

  15. Marry the wookie, keep your mouth shut, and I’ll doubt it to $40 after the wedding, triple if you don’t pick up a coke habit.

  16. Before stopping by the hospital to pull the plug on terminal patients, Kris Jenner likes to shake down the homeless for protection money.

  17. alex

    $500 freelance photographer services for 2 hours.
    $20 bill given to a homeless man
    $1,700 PR firm fees (i.e. blue horseshoe loves anacott steel)
    Pretending to have a soul and a kind heart? Fooling nobody.

    (ha, you thought I was going to say priceless)

  18. “Ok… almost there… yeah Kris a little to the left… good… OK… no we can’t quite see it… yeah OK better… hey Linda can you fold down the corner a bit… yeah that’s good, now I can see the 20… Linda I need a reflector set up, that last hand shot was lost in shadow… aaaaand Kris, I need a little more smile… yeah I know it’s tiring… that’s perfect… peeeeerfect…. GOT IT! OK everyone that’s a wrap. Good job!”

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