1. Hugh G. Rection

    I don’t know what a Carmen Ortega is, but I want one.

  2. MarketingMike

    Oh my…
    Carmen, if you need a place to stay call me….

  3. She tucked her cock so far it popped out the back to they put a hat on it.

  4. Gin&Tonic

    With all the days/weeks they spent photoshopping this pic into cartoonish oblivion you’d think someone would’ve noticed that the idiot photographer cropped out her foot and hand holding the product they’re trying to sell.

  5. I think by now we’ve all seen that 37sec video about how they photoshop the bejeezus out of models. Remember, this woman does *NOT* actually look like this. Much the same way a Big Mac looks better on tv than it does in your hand.

  6. worst case of over photoshop ever.

  7. beaver eater

    I want to be that hat

  8. Is this another one of those tarts-with-bottled-water ads? Fuck.

  9. Huh?

    If you look closely there’s a make-up artist credit for Sammy Sosa.

  10. given the amount of photoshop here, my grandmother could be the model. And that my friends is why you never fap it to 138 ads.

  11. How much advertising does this water need?

  12. Just_As_it_IS

    10 bucks she can lift that hat 5 inches with a fart

  13. Jentilly

    Is she black? White? I’m confused!

  14. 138 water bottled from women’s natural lubrication?

  15. Ronaldo

    Wayyyyy too much airbrush.

  16. Hemorrhoids so bad she has to air them out under a hat.

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