1. Tasty children check, oven to bake them in, check.

  2. And those kids thought they were going to have the weirdest hats that day.

  3. Adorable witch outfit.

  4. JimBB

    Those jack-o-lanterns have the best dental work in the room.

  5. Inner Retard

    - Are they made with children’s tears?
    - Yes, Your Majesty, as requested.
    - Tee-Hee. I’ll take two dozens.

  6. that fucking bitch is the scariest thing on the planet.

  7. The Queen believed the only thing that could fix the sad lives and broken dreams of children living in a youth hostel was magenta.

  8. ruckus

    Her Highness’ nipples are poking through a wool coat.


  9. “Excuse me, can any of you peasants show me how to cook meth?”

  10. “Let them eat shitty sugar cookies!”

  11. Looks like the kids started the portrait sitting early.

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