1. Shea Vertwat

    more like Lady TaTa

  2. Lady BlahBlah

  3. So she went as an overrated skank for Halloween.

  4. caley

    “What? Is it Halloween today?”

  5. Dox

    Lady Gaga as Catherine the Great.
    Not pictured: Her Horse.

  6. i just don’t care about this cunt anymore. I can’t agree more with the above comment, “just stop”.

  7. fred

    She went as Jar Jar Binks for halloween? That’s kind of cool.

  8. you just know a blowjob from her would consist mainly of her reciting German poetry while opening her mouth and pantomiming a blowjob. Until you fell asleep/went insane, whichever came first.

  9. What? You mean she finally changed out of her typical uniform of a sweatshirt and jeans? It’s about time you finally put some effort into trying to impress people, Gaga.

  10. brian

    Where did those come from? Me like!

  11. tlmck

    Halloween must be the worst holiday for her. Nobody believes she is wearing a costume.

  12. What, she’s using Gandalf’s staff as her dildo?

  13. Phoenix

    At least her accessories are innovative. That’s the first pig dick umbrella I’ve ever seen.

  14. Cat's Meow

    I can see wear her wig has been glued on, regardless I think she looks decent here.

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