1. DisneyRapeBrigade

    Rock Lobster?

  2. JC

    That’s “Sir Lobster” to you, peasants.

  3. You miss one Borg implant, and…

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    Say it ain’t so, number one.

  5. Looking for a cool Halloween costume? Why not ZoidBorg?

  6. Locutus the Lobster!

  7. “You SIR, are CORRECT! I do, in fact, “smoke weed” ! “

  8. Dox

    “Uh.. Pat…. you’re not a real lobster, you can get out of the tub now.”

  9. Bob's Not Your Uncle

    Thats’ what you see when you look at Paris Hilton’s bathtub using a non-magnifying glass.

  10. On no. Oh no. Please tell me this isn’t a case of older guy dating younger girl goes goofy.

  11. “Drawn butter? Make it so!”

  12. He’s just plain awesome.

  13. Did not think it was possible, but he is becoming more awesome with age.

  14. Your butter will be assimilated!!

  15. John

    I am Zoidberg! Resistance Is Futile!

  16. Sir Haze Nihil

    This motherfucker is on great psychotropics; medical marijuana laced w/pcp! Props, love him.

  17. MLH

    Lobster boil …… Engage.

  18. logan… listen to me-
    i know you think me an old feeble helpless man.
    i know…
    because i put that image in your mind.
    that is what i wanted you to think.
    that is what i wanted you to see.
    now logan… open your eyes and see me.
    see me as i really am…

  19. What other classical Shakespearean trained actor do you see pulling shit like this? So badass.

  20. anonym

    only patrick can pull this off.

  21. Just what I’ve always wanted: A bathtub full of Lobster Stew.

  22. gigi

    I’m thinking Q was somehow involved…..

  23. I now know the meaning of happiness. Thank you, Photo Boy.

    Thank. You.

  24. Cat's Meow

    Even dressed as a lobster, I would still go there!

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