1. Jade

    First pic I’ve seen of her that doesn’t make me wonder if she’s a tranny.

  2. Because his penis is hidden?

  3. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Thought it was Lindsay Lohan with implants.

  4. john


  5. ThisWillHurt

    For anyone who would masterbate to cartoons: you’re welcome.

  6. anonymous

    With the sunglasses on, she looks a bit like Kim K if she had a normal ass instead of the jacuzzi filled with cottage cheese she drags around.

  7. she looks great. For 68 years old. Donatella Versace, move over!

  8. I thought from the thumb it was Brooke Hogan.

  9. that’s a whole lot of plastic & crazy. I can’t help but wonder if she actually believes there is a career in her future.

  10. Deacon Jones

    No Dougie in sight….it’s only a matter of time before the porn begins

  11. Dirty Travolta

    BangBros in 3..2..1…

  12. Doc

    I seriously thought that was Shauna Sand, lol

  13. This is straight out of the classic Wilde novel, the Picture of Whoreian Splay..she must look amazing in person, because her photos are aging about 10 years per calendar month.

  14. She looks pretty damn good here. I totally would.

  15. The love child of Pam Anderson and Hep C.

  16. Griefer

    She really has the circus tits now.

  17. Lou Braccant

    No jokes, no witty puns, no nothing…I just really fucking hate this useless piece of shit. HURRY UP AND GET THEM TITS OUT!!!!!!!

  18. Kate

    wasn’t the initial intention of plastic surgery to make you look younger? She almost looks her husband’s age…

  19. Hmmmm…looks like she’s buying a birthday cake and a gift basket. I wonder whose birthday she’s going to be celebrating and whether or not they’ll be getting a head job with their cake…Dougie’s birthday is in May and her own is in April. Narrows it down a little bit.

  20. Cher X

    Sad when you’re that young and you look like Donatella Versace.

  21. anonym

    She surely is living the dream, with people confusing her for some baywatch washup or some shit

  22. Nobody needs to be un-raped by their uncle more than she does!

  23. martina

    is she legal yet, guys?

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