1. what a wonderful ass

  2. It’s as if Maria’s ass is a black hole and has sucked in Katherine’s ass… That’s my story anyway…

  3. That dude is holding up a ransom note:
    Let me have a crack at that ass or your little Coco gets it…

  4. “Why are you interviewing me with your back to the camera?”
    “That is the only way my fans will recognize me.”

  5. john


  6. Dirty Travolta

    I bet her farts smell wonderful

  7. catapostrophe

    I bet her ass will creep down to the back of her knees by 2015.

  8. mary jesus mother of joseph…dat ass!

  9. Good lord, Maria. Dat ass!

  10. psychoace

    I must be gay because after noticing Meria’s sweet ass all I could see was the dude holding the iPad as a teleprompter. This is a tv show with I’m sure a big enough budget to handle an actual teleprompter or at least a tripod for that iPad.

  11. “Why. Yes. Katherine. Let’s. Talk. Some. More. Over…(go to the next page, dammit!) Lunch. My. Treat.”

  12. amir

    A phat ass and a flat ass… which would you choose?

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