1. Bonky

    Baby, you see what I’m doing ? I’m looking at the clouds because it’s gonna rain. If you want to learn anything from me don’t go staring up at the rain when it falls because if you do you will drown. A turkey taught me that one Thanksgiving while I was fighting the Japanese in Oregon.

  2. “You gotta keep looking up, or God will drop a deuce on you. That’s my mantra. That, and keep you teeth looking long and white.”

  3. Wow, it’s as if they let him play Mrs Potato head with human puddy…

  4. EricLR

    If only we could see the world as he does.

  5. nomnomnom

    Gary- “And right there is the ledge that I jumped off of when I thought I had wings”.

    Steffani- “Well, since I’m bat-shit crazy enough to be with you, maybe I should give it a try sometime. Did the angel dust give you the wings?”

  6. See honey, those are CLOUDS..Courageous Lunar Oddities Unendingly Devouring Synapses.

  7. “Open up baby! Here comes the food I ordered!”

  8. Codot

    She has a body that says, “I know where he keeps the crack.”

  9. Not bad for a chick changing your diapers just long enough to change your will and push you down the stairs.

  10. Yup, I think that Piano is gonna drop right on us!

  11. “Look out, everyone…the sky is falling, the sky is falling…”

  12. “I fucking HATE seagulls!”

  13. “Those are called ‘Airplanes’ honey”

  14. Sally McPants

    “Baby, do you see that bird up there? If you smell the color 9, they don’t like to open twice”

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