1. “Hugging a spic counts toward my character rehabilitation with the Jews, right?”

  2. Mel knows this looks totally gay, correct?

  3. EricLR

    To be followed by an interview where Mel refers to Trejo as “a great actor, who showers pretty regularly for one of them.”

  4. Come here you machete-wielding landscaper…

  5. The Pope

    “Gimme a hug, taco-tits!”

  6. catapostrophe

    “I love jew, man!”

  7. blerg

    Rectum, it nearly killed’em!

  8. “Hey, I was in Braveheart, Danny. I was Braveheart. Will you kill me?”

  9. Rabid1

    “Fuck You!”

  10. Why is George Bush kissing that Mexican lady?

  11. “Danny, this is the one time I’ll swallow…but NEVER again!”

  12. Sally McPants

    “Come ‘ere. Welcome to the Deadbeat Actors Club, Mel. We make lots of movies and make no money”

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