1. If the machete doesn’t kill, that Mewes guy looks like he’ll certainly get you.

  2. “And they say my dad is the crazy one! Muwahahahahahahaaaaa….”

  3. EricLR

    Somewhere a heroin dealer is about to make a lot of money.

  4. Good thinking, posing for the DUI mugshots early, save some time later.

  5. blerg

    Hey you guys!

    It’s sloth and that mask dude from the Cher movie

  6. I’ve never seen two people photo bomb their own picture before…Kudos!

  7. Busey is such a dick; showing off his enormous teeth just to rub it in poor Mewes’s sunken, toothless face.

  8. Double-dutch rudder?

  9. Dancing With The Stars new season casting session, I assume.

  10. Genetics – You can’t fucking hide from it.

  11. RGirl

    Snootch to tha muddafuggin NOOOOCH.

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