1. “Why, no, I am not a vampire. Why do you ask?”

  2. EricLR

    As a reminder, please do not attempt to shake Ms. Blanchett’s hand in her ethereal form…

  3. Oh, sure – the NY Film Festival has a Gala for her and she shows up, but where was she when I had my ‘Gala for Cate Blanchett’? I had to throw out a whole bowl of cheetos, and now I don’t know what the fuck to do with all the rufie fruit punch I made.

  4. Please refrain from any flash photography. We fear the lights may burn Ms. Blanchett.

  5. She is an apparition.

  6. “Oh crap…She’s blending into the background…I TOLD you not to use bright white! Can we get some paint out here ASAP?!? We don’t have time to re-do the backdrop, just splash it on her! Do you have any “flesh colored” paint? That should do the trick!”

  7. The lovely Lady Galadriel. Such serene beauty.

  8. Mayim Bialik looks pretty good

  9. Jenn

    Is Ms’ Blanchett’s wearing Maybelline’s A Whiter Shade of Pale foundation, or was she born with it?

  10. Only 2 more treatments and I will be completely transparent!!!

  11. I’d Elf the fuck out of her.

  12. It was such a nice gala tribute too, until they dropped that bucket of pig’s blood on her, then everything went to hell…

  13. gigi

    quite the rosy glow Ms. Blanchett…

  14. Yes, she’s pale, but I have nothing bad to say about this one.

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