1. 1NDUN

    Wearing his Jawa bone bluetooth headset.

  2. catapostrophe

    Amazingly, he’s going to have those sleeves shortened AGAIN.

  3. Lost an arm fighting midget Darth Vader in a revision of “A New Hope”

  4. The Pope

    Great job with the hood Pete. NOBODY will recognize you now.

  5. “Yeah… They fucked up my hoodie again.
    Yeah, I told them toddler size but they didn’t believe me…
    I’ll hold…”

  6. wanker

    Now that, is adorable.

  7. Animal

    “Get me a lollipop! Stat!!!”

  8. EricLr

    Damn right, you gonna have my money, bitch!

  9. I’d like to order two more GI Joe Combat Fatigue outfits, a GI Joe Space Suit, and a GI Joe Scuba Suit. No, thank you…I’ve already got plenty of the Sailor Outfits!

  10. “Yes…yes, I’ll take care of that HOA code violation right away. A Lannister always paints his fence.”

  11. Next.....

    A regular man’s pair of pants cut off above the knee and neatly hemmed. That’s what that there looks like.

  12. “I gotta keep this call, short.”

  13. You don’t call Hamm for some dick, Hamm’s penis calls you for a vagina delivery.

  14. *wonders how far he could toss him*

  15. Did you hear about the midget who escaped from prison?…. he’s a small medium an large! Hi-O

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