1. 1NDUN


  2. mamamiasweetpeaches

    rock me hobo Jesus

  3. “Sir, would you like to congratulate Justin and Jessica, uhmmm wait… Sorry about that…”

  4. Moo Cow Hunter

    Hate this guy. He’s unwittingly turning Katy Perry into a genius. Only a genius could have foreseen THIS in advance.

  5. Now why would Katy Perry give up all of this sexiness?

  6. Shoebacca

    So hateable. It’s 82 degrees there!

  7. wanker

    I guess he’s going as a dementor for Halloween.

  8. A fool in creep’s clothing.

  9. Johnny P!

    For Katy, Mayer must be like Skarsgard to her when she sees these pics.
    “What the fuck was I thinking?!?”

  10. I…uh…is he cold or is he hot? Or is he just an epic douche?

  11. EricLr

    Is this the part where he climbs a building and jumps into a haystack?

  12. Animal

    I’d hate to see him dressed for East Hollywood!!!

  13. Mary Feeney

    If it’s cold enough for a hat and leg warmers it’s cold enough for socks.

  14. Jade

    Russel Brand continues to rock the “homeless female” look.

  15. Urvag

    What the hell is up with that street? We have this tool bag in flip gl

  16. christ, he’s totally committed to those fucking leg warmers. one assumes he’s also committed to never getting laid again.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      He has fame, he has money. You think legwarmers are going to stop him getting his dick wet?

  17. Urvag

    What the hell is up with that street? We have this tool bag in flip flops, chick jeans and a blanket and then there’s a character in the back with black boots and extra large pink socks.

  18. He looks like he smells.

  19. Joe

    At least we know where the Sith Lord is.

  20. Billy Barty, Jr

    This guy can’t even look like he was dressed by anyone but the short bus fashion corp. He tries to look like this desperately

    • Fred Ziffel

      Desperately Seeking Recognizability ?
      Desperately Seeking Walking Trash Can?
      Desperately Seeking Relevance ?

  21. Larry Mondello

    Someone should tell him it’s not Halloween until next week

  22. Ernie Rutherford

    Tries so hard to not get noticed getting noticed . No wonder he needed to shoot up- he’s obviously got a head full of bad wiring !

  23. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Darth Douchebaggus

  24. B&WMinstrel

    From Who? to Who? by way of What the fuck? – the career of Russell Brand

  25. Jesus, Leg warmers & flip-flops?

  26. Cock Dr

    At least he’s almost completely covered. Is anyone else still traumatized by those long ago snaps of him in underwear?

  27. “I have ridden the sand worm!”

  28. Just another L.A. Bedouin on the prowl for some camel.

  29. You’re gonna have to go back home and try again, Russell. We can still tell it’s you.

  30. Bionic_Crouton

    Its the Grim Reapers gay homeless brother Bruce.

  31. Kat

    At least he looks like he’s a bit closer to dying. And we can’t see his teeth.

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