1. 1NDUN

    Looks elegant. Probably had a nice spread.

  2. mamamiasweetpeaches

    A little old for the role, but just goin by this picture….”Harley Quinn”??

  3. Moo Cow Hunter

    Young girl oranges around the world just cried out in horror: I don’t want to age like this!!!

  4. So when is she going to uncross her legs?

  5. Still more sane/sober looking than Lohan…

  6. wanker

    I thought the whole point of makeup was to make you look younger and more attractive?

  7. neo

    Lets call it…today is the day…time officially caught up with Sharon Stone.

  8. Johnny P!

    This was a Hallowe’en themed event, right?

  9. “We’re sad to report that yesterday Sharon Stone passed away at the Olive Garden in Beverly Hills. She was California’s last living Civil War survivor.”

  10. EricLr

    Oh wait, I’ve seen this movie. Laura Dern plays a blind girl who falls in love with him.

  11. RobN

    Checked the calendar, still only the 25th.

  12. mac

    I guess she let her kid do her make up

  13. she tossed out all the mirrors at home and now just shmears on whatever makeup is lying around.

  14. Jade

    She’s getting too old to be in charge of her own makeup.

  15. Billy Barty, Jr

    She shook hands with Madonna , and she aged 10 years immediately

  16. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Am I the only one getting an optical illusion of a very small penis poking up thru the middle of her boobs??

  17. your mom

    NO. Just, no. You do not get to wear orange eye make up when you’re older than my mom. Just no.

  18. Ernie rutherford

    Please , Don’t uncross your legs ! No one is gonna rub one out looking at that dry gulch !

  19. anonym

    let me see that moist old vagina !!!

  20. be

    make up brought to you by crayola

  21. And now I’m gay. Thanks.

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