1. 1NDUN

    There will be a day very soon when a headline reads, “Who Did Halle Bury?” and I will be three to take the credit. Just like with fish dicks, chap’s dick, and booger guns.

  2. All I see is crazy these days.

  3. Scanning the crowd for a man to have a baby with, dump him then accuse him of being a racist.

  4. neo

    *pass gas*

  5. Animal

    I’m glad she’s not looking so hot these days so I can dislike her with a clear conscience.

  6. Billy Barty, Jr

    Still would do her doggy style a la “Monster’s Ball ” . I might fuck the crazy right out of her

  7. Boo

    She is nuts!

  8. Happy_Evil_Dude

    That’s some crazy cleavage. In every sense of the word.

  9. I really love the way Stevie Wonder does her hair.

  10. “OK, here’s the thing… I’m crazy”
    “Uh, huh”
    “No, seriously. I have serious mental problems. Every guy I date eventually runs away screaming”
    “I see…”
    “I’m not joking. I won an Academy Award and then followed it up with Cat Woman, for fuck sakes!”
    “Are you even listening to me?
    “I’m sorry, but those are some tig ol’ bitties and I would like to, how you say, ‘Plow you’”
    “Fine. But while it’s happening. I’ll probably try to eat your face off or something.”
    “I’m fine with that”

  11. martian

    beautiful. period.

  12. Kat

    Is anyone else trying to read the book? Does anyone know what “gnossiennesque” means?


  13. Sticky-Armadillo

    The exact moment Halle got the first whiff of her own fart and realized “Hey. My shit stinks too.”

  14. Josie

    Shes crazy beautiful…end of story

  15. Luopis

    Damn, her hair is awesome!

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