1. Well, hello there. How’s about a smile?

  2. mamamiasweetpeaches


    Nice roots, man-face

  3. EricLr

    Just off screen is her agent with a lip-and-tit pump in his pocket.

  4. Lopsided tits, trashy roots, and a bored expression…she’s got the whole package.

  5. RobN

    Reminding myself to pick up pancake syrup on the way home.

  6. BakedInBrooklyn

    “MOM! I don’t want to go the fancy dress party after this! I just want my boobs to stay in my dress!”

  7. right

    What a tragic rack!

  8. Jade

    If you have unfortunate breasts, you should be working with them — not against them.

  9. This is just a shitty picture. She’s actually kinda hot with dynamite legs.

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