1. “So, hahaha, so…then he stands in the doorway like dis and goes “Dad, I’m gay!”, hahahaha”

  2. Did HIV turn him into Al Roker?

  3. I suspect he never had HIV.

  4. do you really want someone HIV+ to endorse you if you own a juice place?

  5. JimBB

    Just slightly less gay than his son.

  6. If you stare at his shirt long enough, you’ll see a schooner.

  7. cc

    ‘Shuck and jive motherfucker’

  8. The only guy to get aids from a woman , yea right. He probably sucks more dick than his son.

  9. “Hey I just stepped in a bucket of aids”

  10. “Look ma, No AIDS!”

  11. Not pictured: Geppetto

  12. Hey everbody my son’s a fruitcake! now go to my movie theaters.

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