1. ultra

    he thinks those mics are barney’s toes, so he’s going for it.

  2. fred

    Por favor. Por favor. Una pregunta a tiempo. Ah shit, what’s Spanish for “I want the manly looking chick with the hot fingernails and big feet to meet me in my room at 10:00.”?

  3. Quentin! Quentin! When will you stop terrorizing the villagers?

    but he could only roar in response.

  4. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    Ahhh! Clown noses! I hate clowns! Get those fucking clown noses away from me!

  5. JimBB

    Don’t ask why, but I’m here for your midget wrestlers. I need as many as you can spare!

  6. Bonky

    I didn’t say “Tarantino is not a stinking Mexican name”. I said, “I’m Italian, not some stinking Mexican.” So just fucking calm down.

  7. How can that be Mexico when there are no sombreros?

  8. Dox

    “Would you stop asking me stupid questions and tell me where the donkey show is already?”

  9. “After seeing Lena’s nasty feet, I am no longer addicted.”

  10. Vlad

    tráeme Selma Hayek, los pies por delante … y una toalla

  11. Phoenix

    Fire bad!

  12. “¿Pour fay-vor…doan-dee ess-taaa el banjo…I mean el potty?”

  13. “I’m not an animal !!”

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