1. Troll's Nighmare

    Who are you and where have you been all my life?!

  2. [Checks Atlas for Milan... calculates fuel cost... considers... heads to bathroom stall with hand cream.]

  3. BillEBuoy

    The tats really class-up the outfit.

    • Animal

      There’s always some dipshit that wants to knock something nice. Looks like you’re that dipshit.

      • HotTea

        No – the stupid tattoos make the ensemble look like shit. If they were covered for this outfit, she would look classy and beautiful – I am so sick of women walking around like bar trash with their bodies marred by these tattoos! There is nothing ‘special’ or unique about them anymore – get over it already. Nowadays, the ones who do NOT have them all over their bodies are the unique women.

      • cc

        No, the tattoos look tacky and shitty. Like putting ‘truck nuts’ on a Ferrari.

      • Spot on, HotTea, cc.

      • Joaquin ingles

        Not to mention the spontaneity with which they get them. “I want a new tat this weekend! What should I get?”

        It’s almost as bad as the fucking morons with the stretched out ears.

      • Tattoos and piercings are what fat and ugly chicks do to try to get attention. Hot chicks don’t need that. So essentially what you end up with here is a smoking hot chick who says “damn, I look great…what can I do that will detract from that for the rest of my life?”

  4. Deacon Jones

    Wow, try googling this POA, very nice

  5. Keanu's Less Interesting Brother

    Beside her great body I love that adorable look on her face: Aww, what’s wrong baby? How can mommy make it better? – Well, I have a few ideas.

  6. Nightly Italian TV is filled with stuff like this.

  7. She’s fucking beautiful.

  8. toopier

    Damn! She looks tall. She had to bend over just to fit in this photo.

  9. never heard of her, she’s a beauty but I agree, the tattoo’s are tacky as shit.

  10. Her beauty overshadows the tattoos a hundred-fold, so either ignore them or STFU! That’s the imaginary future mother of my children you’re talking about. *sigh*

  11. “Won’t you please make me the next Kelly Brook? Please, Internet?”

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