1. Troll's Nighmare

    For our next trick Ben will pull a stick out of his ass.

  2. “This is a job for SUPERDOUCHE.”

  3. brick


  4. EricLr

    Now, I know what that looked like. But I was just helping him pee, I swear.

  5. Henny

    Poor Ben. If you want to imitate Jon Hamm, it goes in your INNER thigh.

    • cc

      Girth fail also. He should have at least gone with a role of quarters (or better still got a roll of Canadian $1 coins).

  6. Affleck’s head looks like it’s superimposed on his body .. like a South Park character.

  7. It’s like a sad Vaudeville show. One’s the talent, the other the clown.

  8. Pants Up

    Ben: Take this, John Hamm!
    Brian: Ben, Ben, no! No! They require you to have a big penis for this game, not a vagina.

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    “Woah! When the fuck did I become Matt Damon?”

  10. Number 2

    Great actor, terrible actor, respectively.

  11. socks

    From the thumbnail, I thought that was Bob Harper and John Hamm. Wacky!

  12. mefu

    Mr. White: “Mr. Affleck – position your naked bottom where my hands are.”
    Mr. Affleck: “Yes sir!”

  13. martian

    great actor, good director (gone baby gone and the town are very good movies indeed).

  14. ParrapaDaFappa

    Ahhhh…how do I Hamm?

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