1. 1NDUN

    Gross. She must really love money.

  2. DontNotNope

    I hope that’s cash and not a condom he’s reaching for.

  3. BigOkie

    Sucking out her lifeforce.

  4. She’s really playing the long game here. A lot longer than I bet she expected.

  5. I like this episode of “The Walking Dead, when Zombies breed.”

  6. Joe

    It’s gotta be weird when your wife has you in her celebrity death pool.

  7. JugleRed

    You can tell they’re really in love.

  8. [img][/img]

  9. EricLr

    He just keeps turning into an even uglier frog.

  10. With all that plastic surgery I’m surprise she can pucker her lips without her ears moving forward.

  11. patch

    The Kiss of Death… literally.

  12. So THIS is what Ferengis invest all their money in.

  13. rican

    Always confuse the guy, is that Beavis or Butthead?

  14. Deacon Jones

    And her eyes are open…….as if his breathe wasn’t enough to remind her she’s fucking a corpse so she can buy fancy handbags.

  15. your mom

    Just look at the passion… and they say love is dead.

  16. zomgbie

    lol @ how shes holding him up straight by the neck.

  17. Is he trying to pull a John Hamm here? Believe me, I am disturbed that I leaned forward to see if that really is Larry King’s dick dangling down in his pants. My eyes are pissed off at my brain for making them look.

  18. The Pope

    I can confirm that they can not only crawl back up inside, but turn inside out too.

  19. Contusion

    This looks about as natural as Jason Alexander’s hair.

  20. Bionic_Crouton

    That’s not his wife.Like most entertainers, Shawn Southwick has an understudy who does the ‘grunt work’.

  21. Jentilly

    Ew whys that girl kissing her grandfather on the lips?!

  22. cc

    Has the formula between money, fame, and disproportionately attractive women been expressed mathematically?

  23. not for all the money and all the plastic surgery in this life and the next.

  24. loon

    Smithers, fetch me my gold digging wife. I must go out and pretend i’m not dying.

  25. Joaquin ingles

    “Just a few more pumps and I’ll be ready baby girl.”

  26. It’s fitting that her last name is “Southwick,” because south is the only direction Larry’s wick can point now.

  27. Ah, young love.

  28. I feel like I am looking at an x-ray of two people making out.

  29. Martina

    Weekend at Bernie’s

  30. Alexxx

    I thought Mr. Hawking needed that wheelchair to survive….

  31. If he’s still getting pussy, more power to him. And for her sake, I hope he’s got more money than God. Or Mitt Romney, whoever is higher on the list…

  32. mbcl

    She’s not kissing him she’s performing CPR.

  33. devilsrain

    For a second I thought it was that weird midget kid who does all those lip synching vids on youtube

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